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The stories we have told so far are:

Many texts are based on personal information from Michael Wuttke, Annegret Höllwarth, Jakob Lenhardt, Sigrid Weidenhaus and Friedemann Kaiser. Further information is taken from the book: “Messel, Messel – an ancient greenhouse ecosystem” by the editors Stephan F.K. Schaal, Krister T. Smith and Jörg Habersetzer. Speaker is Klaus Winkelmann.

Welcome to Fossilien- und Heimatmuseum Messel

A deep hole is created, a maar


Fishes were survalists


Many bats drowned


Primeval horses, from dying to embedding

Tapir, too big for Messel


Turtles often in pairs in a love death

Big flightless birds were rare in Messel

Was it an anteater

Insects, big and colorful

Mammals have advantages