Tree for the museum association

Baum für den Museumsverein Unser 40-jähriges Jubiläum des Museums konnten wir nicht feiern, aber einen Baum haben wir gesetzt. Er steht am Heimkehrerplatz in Messel.  Geht man ca 30 Meter Richtung Osten so sieht man unsere Eiche auf der linken Seite stehen.

The mayor’s chair by Jakob Fröhner

The mayor’s chair by Jakob Fröhner Many historical items are still preserved under the roof of the museum. We had the mayor’s chair restored, which was used by Jakob Fröhner (mayor of Messel from 1835 to 1870) and it is located now on the ground floor of our museum.It is impressive to see how this […]

Exterior renovation of the museum

Exterior renovation of the museum In 2021 the museum building was renovated on the outside. The last renovation was 21 years ago. The ravages of time made it necessary that many beams in the framework had to be replaced, partitions were added, cracks filled and a new coat of paint was applied to the outside. […]